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C1 cement grinding aids

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C1 cement grinding aids

I. Product Performance and Methods of Use

1. Liquid: light brown; specific gravity: 1.05-1.10; PH = 8-9;

2. Reduce more than 8-10% of clinker; more mixed materials;

3. Increase 8-10% of cement mill output;

4. Concrete compressive, tensile, impermeability, waterproof and wear-resistant performances will be fully improved;

5. The product can be made by uniformly mixing into clinker mill with a metering pump as per the requisite amount of each ton of cement. This product is suitable for the production of all kinds of cement;

6. As for the production process of individual grinding, the mixing methods specified are used.


II. Composition and Characteristics of Product

Cement grinding aid is tan liquid made of many organic compounds and surfactant products. The product is in conformity with JC/T667-2004 Cement Grinding Aid Standard in building materials industry; it is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and has no side effect on the performance of cement, harmless to human body or equipment, and can be used for a long time under normal circumstances. It can effectively improve the efficiency of cement grinding system, increase the output of cement mill, enhance the hydration performance of cement and lift the strength of cement.


III. Mechanism of Product

The grinding process is to making the solid material subtle in mechanical method. During the grinding process, the material collides with the ball forging medium and gets smashed, so that the internal electric key of the particles is broken to form a charge unit, which generates an electrostatic effect, causing the material to be adsorbed on the surface of the medium and forming the coating and wrapping phenomenon, and resulting in energy waste and affecting the grinding efficiency. The use of cement grinding aid can effectively reduce the interfacial tension of material, reduce friction, remove the coating and wrapping phenomenon, promote mobility, effectively remove the adhesion and aggregation of fine powder, speed up the material grinding process, avoid over grinding phenomenon, improve grinding efficiency, and improve the grinding machine output per unit per hour while reducing grinding power consumption per unit. At the same time, the particle composition of cement tends to be more reasonable with more fine powder, which can effectively improve cement micro-environment, as well as the strength of each stage of cement.


IV. Main Technical Performance and Characteristics

1. Increasing intensity of 3-5mPa in 3 days, 28 days.

2. Improving the liquidity of the material in mill, effectively reducing the over grinding phenomenon, and reducing the adhesion of materials to the grinding body, liner and partition board.

3. Reducing the repose angle of cement, increasing the fluidity of cement, reducing the phenomenon of cement caking, while speeding up the cement loading (shipping).

4. The product does not contain harmful substances, no rust to the grinding equipment or concrete reinforcement.

5. It does not affect the performance of cement, but having good adaptability with concrete admixtures.

6. The technology plays a significant role in the large-scale use of the solid industrial waste, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection in cement industry.


V. Product Classification


It can reduce 6-8% clinker and mix with 6-8% more mixture, while increasing 10-20% mill output per unit per hour. The tensile and compressive and impermeable, water proof and wear resistance properties of cement concrete are improved overall. Mixing amount: 0.03%


It can reduce 6-10% clinker and mix with 6-10% more mixture, while increasing 10-20% mill output per unit per hour. Mixing amount: 0.05%


It can reduce 6-10% clinker and mix with 6-10% more mixture, while increasing 10-20% mill output per unit per hour. Mixing amount: 0.1%

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