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Development status and prospect forecast of China cement grinding aid industry.

With the rapid development of China's cement industry, and the country's high regard for energy conservation and emission reduction, cement grinding aid has become a necessity for cement enterprises.
With the rapid development of China's cement industry, and the country's high regard for energy conservation and emission reduction, cement grinding aid has become a necessity for cement enterprises. In the 12th five-year development plan of cement industry issued by the ministry of industry and information technology, it is clearly stated that cement grinding agent has a remarkable effect on energy conservation and emission reduction in cement production.
It was first invented in the United States and Japan in the 1930s, when the composition of the grinding agent was mainly rosin ester and butter. Domestic study of cement grinding aid originated in the mid - 1980 - s, due to the development of domestic cement industry is limited, the appearance of grinding aid has not been the industry's high attention and promotion, until the 1990 s, under the guidance of foreign brands in China's firms pioneered the landmark cement grinding aid products.
Shortly after the emergence of these grinding aid companies, sharpening companies have sprung up, even in the form of local businesses. Subsequently, the domestic grinding agent industry entered the stage of vicious competition; It was not until the establishment of the trade association in July 2007 that the grinding agent industry entered a stage of orderly development; Now, with the slowdown of domestic economic growth, cement companies' profits have declined a certain amount, and the grinding aid industry has also been affected. What has changed in the market for grinding AIDS over the last decade? Where is the future development of the grinding aid industry? In this regard, we have compiled the development report of the grinding aid industry for reference by the industry.
1. Overview of the development of grinding AIDS.
1. Birth and survival.
In the mid 1990s, cement grinding aid was valued by the industry, but it was limited by the development level of the cement industry at that time, and there was no major change in the grinding aid enterprises. After entering the 21st century, with the surging of domestic cement industry, the grinding aid industry has also developed rapidly, and in 2006, it reached over 1000.
The emergence of many grinding aid enterprises has led to a mixed situation in the industry of grinding aid. Grinding agent product diversity, vicious competition between enterprises and the production process and time not neat, not only make the effect of grinding aid was supposed to have a big discount, also grinding agent. The development of the industry caused great resistance.
There are many kinds of products, using unscientific hidden trouble. At the beginning of the 21st century, the morphological classification of the grinding aid was liquid and powdery, and from the amount of participation, it was numerous. At that time, as there is no relevant industry standards, related to the quality and technical supervision departments to lax, some unscrupulous add grinding agent, cement enterprises in order to increase the participation of mixed material quantity, reduce the amount of raw material, and reduce the production cost. What's more, some of the mill companies use salt, alkali and urea, which seriously harm the quality and health of the cement.
Vicious competition promotes resistance to quality products. Any new industry appears at the initial stage of the chaotic situation, in this case, also hard to avoid can appear some irresponsible producers, they seize market means no more than two kinds: fake products and low price. The consequences of shoddy products to cement companies are self-evident. The low price of the grinding aid enterprise is also the premise of sacrificing product quality and service. For example, in 2006, more than 5000 national cement size, if there are more than thousand grinding agent enterprises, in addition to cement enterprises without grinding agent, each enterprises average to only five cement grinding agent customers, it is bound to cause grinding aid the vicious competition of the enterprise.
With the fission of the grinding aid enterprise insiders, the grinding aid formula is no secret, the automation equipment is the hard truth. As the initial grinding aid industry did not have access to the threshold, the manufacturers everywhere could be seen, which eventually led to the deterioration of the cement enterprises' attitude towards the grinding agent. With the development of the grinding aid industry, the automation equipment gradually replaced the manual. At this time, due to the lack of timely follow-up by the local grinding aid enterprises, it was not allowed to close down. The development of grinding aid production equipment has effectively purified the grinding aid industry.
When it entered 2007, the grinding aid industry was reduced by a third after nearly a year of market elimination and industry baptism.
2. Brand establishment and value expression period.
In July 2007, approved by the state ministry of civil affairs, China cement association cement grinding aid branch was founded in jinan, shandong, China research and development, production and use of grinding agent has entered the phase of the rapidness, standardization and standardized.
The association was set up two months or so, association issued "the cement grinding aid determination, product quality certification management regulations (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), to explicitly put forward: association and China building materials inspection certification center is responsible for the cement grinding aid product quality determination, authentication management work, on the basis of CTC/TVS - OP05 the cement grinding aid product certification implementation rules, the regular of grinding aid enterprise product certification, and the production process control, quality management system review and checking. In addition, the product identification, certification conditions and procedures of the grinding aid enterprise are specified in detail. At the same time, it also gives a detailed description of the supervision of the grinding aid enterprise.
By the end of 2008, China building materials science research institute of cement and new building materials research institute science to develop the cement grinding aid, get approved by the national standardization committee. After more than three years of efforts, the national standard "the cement grinding aid" (GB/T26748-2011) in September 2011 passed, and on March 1, 2012 officially replaced the original building materials industry standard "the cement grinding aid" (JC/T667-2004), to implement,
Since then the cement grinding industry has entered a rational and well-documented era.
3. Future innovation period.
On November 31, 2012, the seventh member congress of China cement association was held in Beijing. The assembly elected the new leadership of the association. The President of the new China cement association, former President of the China cement association, former President of the China cement association, former President of the China cement association, former President of the China cement association, is the honorary President of the China cement association.
At the meeting, the new President Joe fong kuo put forward "the second generation of new dry process cement technology", compared with the first generation, the second generation of new dry process cement technology has the disposal of waste, make full use of waste heat, low carbon technology development and efficient function, prevention and control of pollutant discharge, reducing carbon dioxide emissions is to use computer and network information technology in the cement industry production of integrated technology, including the function of the whole cement production process and indicators to optimize.
In order to develop the new dry cement technology in the second generation, it is bound to strengthen the management and guidance in energy conservation and emission reduction. As one of the important energy-saving measures in cement industry, cement grinding agent is bound to be innovated.
Ii. Development of major events.
The research on cement grinding aid is included in the "six - five" plan.
In 1983, the state planning commission and economic commission 909 put cement grinding aid into the program. In 1983, the institute of applied chemistry of the institute of applied chemistry of China building materials research institute was responsible for the project research, which was completed by the end of 1986, and was awarded the national invention patent. In 1986, industrial tests were carried out in yaoxian cement factory, kunming cement plant, benxi fujin cement plant, zhejiang changxing cement factory and emei cement factory.
Grace entered China.
In 1986, more than 70 years of experience in cement additive research, production and sales of the United States grace company entered China, becoming the first foreign-owned enterprise in China. The promotion and commercial application of cement additives in China has been greatly promoted and guided.
Cement grinding agent to obtain the correct name, and obtain industry standard number.
In 1994-1995, the formulation of the standard for cement grinding aid was included in the plan, which was equivalent to the American ASTM process additive standard, hence the name "cement grinding process admixture". In May 1997, the standard was approved by the national building materials bureau as an industry standard, no. : JC/ t-67-1997. In 2003, the first revision of JC/ t-667 was changed to "cement grinding agent", which was approved by the national development and reform commission in October 2004 and implemented on April 1, 2005.
Grace and China institute of building materials jointly study the grinding aid.
In 1994, the China building materials research institute and common grace companies in the United States on a grinding agent in China research and application of the cement production enterprise can think cement additive for cement production enterprises in China brings remarkable economic benefits and social benefits.
Hainan citic has launched a new type of cement grinding aid.
On May 21, 2003, hainan citic industrial co., LTD., the production of cement grinding aid, LS - 118 with in the process of cement production with saving energy and reducing consumption, improve the grade of performance excellence, popular, not only by the manufacturer is science and technology commission, provincial departments officially classified as provincial science and technology project of hainan province government funding support of one of the key projects.
Changle landscape company liquid-assisted grinding agent production line has been put into operation.
On April 8, 2007, changle landscape company's liquid grinding aid production line was put into production and put on the market. At 8 PM on the same day, the production of 7.5 tons of liquid grinding aid, which was just produced, was shipped overnight to the hometown landscape company.
ChangLe landscape company liquid grinding agent production line since completed and put into production on April 4, ChangLe landscape company by the cement mill test application in our company, the technical parameters in full compliance with the design requirements, the cement mill is raised platform, improve the cement strength when the expected effect. At present, they will strengthen organization and coordination, pays special attention to the system implementation and the post worker, inspector skills training at the same time, we will further improve the technological process, strive to achieve as soon as possible, nissan 40 tons of production capacity of liquid grinding agent.
Shandong hongyi technology two kinds of cement grinding AIDS through new product identification.
Before December 29, 2007, shandong macro art technology co., LTD., newly developed HY type of solid, liquid chlorine compound cement grinding aid through expert review and appraisal, in shandong province have been identified as the provincial economic and trade commission of new products.
Zhongsen grinding agent chengdu production base was completed and put into operation.
On June 3, 2008, shandong the mori building materials technology co., LTD., in recent years, rapid development, expanding production scale, after shandong jinan, pingdingshan, henan, sichuan chengdu production base and completed and put into production in the near future, make the sen help radiating surface grinding agent have a broader market. In other places, the production and sales cost of the company can be further reduced, closer to the market and closer to the enterprise.
The help of the grinding agent in hubei to lead the company expansion project.
On November 3, 2008 at 58 minutes, 9 township Yin sets yoon village in hubei province more than 30 mu of land, as at the head of the chairman of the board of directors of the company general manager Mr Cheng-kuo lee announced "and over technology co., LTD. The first phase of the expansion of the construction of hubei province", at the head of the company to "grinding agent industry flagship" development goals, a major step forward again. The project leader of China metallurgical construction engineering company and wuhan bote supervision company witnessed the historic moment of leading the company.
Shandong shenfeng group grinding agent workshop was completed and put into operation.
On August 15, 2009, shandong ShenFeng cement grinding aid group completed and put into production workshop, ShenFeng group signaled the end of the pure rely on foreign acquisition of cement grinding aid use of history, at the same time, is expected to save the grinding agent for the company annual procurement cost 400 ten thousand yuan.
Jinyu annual production of 70,000 tons of cement grinding aid and concrete water reducing agent production line.
On December 17, 2009, as the jinyu group structure adjustment and development of low carbon economy is a major achievement, the nation's largest annual output of 70000 tons of cement grinding aid and concrete jianshuiji production line put into production ceremony in Beijing cement factory of jinyu coloured glaze river cement energy saving technology co., LTD. Jinyu group party secretary, chairman of the board of directors wei-ping jiang, group company party committee standing committee, deputy general manager jian-guo wang, vice President of BBMG, technical director of the center for Wang Zhaojia wen-yan liu, vice President, deputy director of the office of the Beijing building energy efficiency and building materials management Ma Hansheng, bulk cement Liu Fei, director of the office in Beijing and headquarters section head, jinyu cement plate by various cement enterprises, commodity concrete party leaders attended the launch ceremony.
Fujian xinchuang technology produces 60,000 tons of cement grinding aid.
On the morning of April 9, 2010, the foundation ceremony of the annual production of 60,000 tons of high performance cement grinding AIDS was held in the small coke industrial park of sanming meilian district. The annual production of 60,000 tons of high performance cement grinding AIDS is one of the key projects of the city in 2010. The total investment of the project is 60 million yuan, and the initial investment is 30 million yuan.
A new branch of the deep - tillage service is located in qixingyan, shandong province.
On November 13, 2010 at 10 am, shandong rock building materials technology co., LTD., a housewarming celebration and the research center of wuhan - rock grinding agent of the ceremony "was held in qufu of shandong province light snow industrial park.
A new base for the construction of the production, make the liquid cement grinding aid catalysts and raw cement concrete admixture of up to 100000 tons, rock will become a leading force in the cement grinding aid industry in the future, and for the cement industry in our country's energy conservation and emissions reduction and low carbon economy development to contribute. After years of deep cultivation in the cement grinding aid industry, the company will write a new chapter of low-carbon economic forerunner after the new production base is put into operation.
GB/ t26748-2011 "cement grinding agent" national standards promulgated and implemented.
Put forward by China building materials federation, by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the national standardization management committee jointly issued the GB/T26748-2011 "cement grinding aid" national standard on February 20, the official launch in 2011, and put into practice in 2012-03-01.
Cement grinding agent is a finalist in the 12th five-year plan.
In November 2011, the cement industry "twelfth five-year" development plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" planning "), "planning" mentioned: through backward, promotion of waste heat power generation, energy saving grinding, frequency control of motor speed, the cement grinding aid, comprehensive utilization of waste residue, such as technology, new dry process cement clinker comprehensive energy consumption per ton of 2010 to 115 kilograms of standard coal, 12% lower than in 2005.
It can be seen that cement grinding agent plays a role in energy conservation and emission reduction.
Shandong qixingyan building materials holding phase ii admixture production line completion ceremony.
On the morning of May 25, 2012, shandong qixingyan building materials technology co., LTD. Phase ii admixture production line was inaugurated. China cement association secretary-general xiang-zhong kong, secretary general of the China cement association cement grinding aid branch li, deputy director of the national cement quality supervision and inspection center, ya-ming wang, China cement association cement grinding aid branch deputy secretary of the Yangtze river li j, jinan university professor Chen Shaolong, jidong Zhu Xiaorong concrete technology experts, shandong rock building materials technology co., LTD., chairman of Cui Mengtai, shandong rock HangHuai into building materials technology co., LTD. General manager and other leaders attended the ceremony, as cement human invited media to attend and witness this important moment.


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